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Elvis Jackson – Against the Gravity

Elvis Jackson – Against the Gravity

Elvis Jackson, not a leading tribute act (but that name would be genius), but actually an amazing band that are destined to be every bit as classic and legendary in their own right. They’re here with their third release Against the Gravity.

Before you even get to the music the names involved in its production read like the greatest festival line-up ever. It was produced by Faith No More’s Bill Gould. Then it was mixed by Rick Veltrop who’s worked with Rage Against the Machine and Red Hot Chili Peppers. To finish it off it was mastered by John Cuniberti who’s previously worked with Aerosmith and the Dead Kennedys. I have only one way to convey my feelings on the above. Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude.

Anyway ... the best is yet to come in the music. Thirteen songs containing some epic sounds and a few curve balls charge down your ears from the first second. A Glass of Tequila, Not Here to Pray and The Burned Out Flame show the band at their loudest and explosive. Here I’d like to list an amazing riff that’s more genius than the chocolate hob nob. But there are so many you’ll have to get the album. These show the bands hard-core and metal influences and after the first three tracks you’ll think you have them pegged. And then you get to track four Dry Your Tears, hitting you with some surprise reggae - the best kind of reggae. This is joined by other tracks like This Time and Street 45, the balance between reggae/ska and hard-core/metal continuously experimented with.

The vocals have an intriguing and friendly quality setting them apart from many rock vocals today. Combined with some refreshingly honest, positive and real lyrics in places the music bounces around your brain in a nice way. In a recent interview with Somojo the band compared their music to a great soup. Based on their music when they do bring out a range of soups, they’ll be fantastic. The fact this band have only broken the UK on their third album is criminal. Bands that attempt a similar sound could learn a lot from the passion of this band.

From the same interview: ‘The world is a better place with Elvis Jackson because ... in the morning when you wake up you feel all right.’
You can’t argue with that.

David Horn


Against the Gravity
1 - Against The Gravity
2 - Wake Me Up!
3 - Sweet Perfection
4 - Dry Your Tears
5 - Breaking The Silence
6 - Not Here To Pray
7 - This Time
8 - Street 45
9 - Salvation
10 - A Glass Of Tequila
11 - The Burned Out Flame
12 - Boyz And Girlz
13 - What Took You So Long


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