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Anita Skorgan ‘Adventus’ Special Edition

Anita Skorgan ‘Adventus’ Special Edition

Out now on 'Thru The Mill' records

Anita Skorgan - Is It True

Anita Skorgan isn’t a household name in the UK and on the strength of ‘Adventus’ that isn’t likely to be true for much longer.

A superstar in her homeland of Norway, ‘Adventus’ is Anita’s fourteenth album and the first to be made available here in the United Kingdom.

‘Adventus’ is a Christmas project and the seasonal feel is evident from the first track with a mixture of traditional Christmas carols in Norwegian & Latin and original songs written by Anita, all effortlessly handled with Anita’s vocal style. The song selection works well together and the variation in styles and languages blends so well, it is hardly noticeable.
The end result being a relaxed, beautifully crafted album with Anita’s voice taking centre stage to the great production of Jon Willy Rydningen.

‘Adventus’ track listing:
Is It True
The Loved One
Stille Natt (Silent Night)
Kyrie Elieson (Lord Have Mercy)
Marias Guttebarn (original hit from Anita’s Norwegian Christmas album ‘Julenatt’)
Et Lite Barn
The Little Road To Bethlehem (lyrics were written in 1936 by Margaret Rose and set to music in 1945 by Michael Head).
Come With Me Again
Den Fattige Good (The Poor God)
Be Though My Vision
Pie Jesu (Lyrics set to music by Andrew Lloyd Webber)
Is It True (New version with strings and percussion)

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