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Static People, The Late Projectionist

Static People
The late projectionist

“I like it. Kicks ass. That’s all.” That’s the view of just one fan from an army that stretches from the USA to Australia via Venezuela. Sounding like a much angrier No Doubt, Static People are destined to be your next favourite band. They combine distorted greatness, old school punk vibes and a touch of noisy indie – you need them in your life.

The band’s first long player, The Late Projectionist has garnered airplay from many fine stations in Canada and the US. Not to mention fine establishment, our very own Somojo radio. Track one Toxic Overload introduces the band perfectly: energy and riffs exploding into your ears. Filled with so many great riffs your air guitar will break, some impress you and some like Save the Worst are epically heavy. With seven previous bands between them the album creates a dark but highly diverse sound. Title track The Late Projectionist encapsulates the bands unique sound with old punk vocals, slow verses, big riff and raucous chorus. But for all the energetic Just Sink Down songs like You Know It’s There create a slower vibe, with a big sound you’ll end up getting lost in. The album is underpinned with some strong drumming, giving the guitar work and vocals a strong start; especially in songs like Bleed You. Lead singer Dmitra Smith’s time in a ‘bitchy girls’ choir’ has helped result in in a highly varied approach to vocals. The David Bowie Cover Moonage Dream shows Dmitra’s singing at it’s classic punk best. Whilst American Robot Mother shows of their range and adaptability.

Produced by Jason Carmer this album is the yin to the 2004 Black Tape by The Explosion’s yang – another great record produced by Carmer. With its hooks and melodies this record will stay in your ears and do nice things to your insides. Just Sink Down and American Robot Mother have been picked up by PBS’s Roadtrip Nation. Importantly this album needs to be picked up by you. With fans like this who can disagree: “Great JUST GREATTTTT!!!!! Two thumbs plus Big Toes up!”. Mass digit moving for the win.

David Horn

Static People - The late projectionist

1. Toxic Overload
2. Just Sink Down
3. The Late Projectionist
4. American Robot Mother
5. Bleed You
6. Carrier
7. Save the Worst
8. You Know It's There
9. Moonage Daydream


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