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Black Casino and The Ghost

Black Casino and the Ghost – Falling Into Pieces EP

If the debut E.P by Black Casino and the Ghost was a theme park ride it would be Thorpe Park’s Saw.  Safe for about 30 seconds before vocalist Eliza Zoot asks if you want to play a game and boom, you're upside down far to high up. Just like the ride this E.P is great and will sound nothing like you’ve quite heard before.

Falling Into Pieces is a five track E.P shaped by versatile and powerful vocals carried by genius guitars and bass lines.  Its creators have a few ambitions for it.  On her blog Zoot writes about what she hopes this E.P to inspire.  The printable ones include zombie killing, flying your bike at full speed and cake baking.  Zoot’s vocals zig zag between clear powerful deliveries to raucous outbursts via the occasional gentle moment (zig zag zog?).  From when you first hear the opener Falling Into Pieces till it finishes with On a Plane you’ll be continuously thinking.  It nearly sounds like something you can’t put your finger on but at the same time like nothing else around.  This is thanks to some great playing – engaging, fresh and varied; changing from tenderness to high energy in a blink.

The E.P’s content has something everyone can relate to.  The band proudly state they even have pilots worried about spilling their coffee mid flight covered.  There are tender moments such as On a Plane, getting away and making a change.  ‘Seems like it’s a fine day out so come stand on your feet’, good advice.  This is epically contrasted by My Bambina which is a frantic tale of love and lust.  This has a sound that puts your ears into the kind of shock they’d experience going to their surprise birthday party.

This E.P is a great assault to the ears, with sounds that will take your brain to frustration (in a good way) working them out.  At five tracks this is the perfect length, leaving you coming back to it time and again.  This shows this band have a lot more to give, and many more ears to confuse in the future.  Good stuff!

David Horn

Falling Into Pieces EP
1. Falling Into Pieces
2. El Luchador
3. Odyssea
4. My Bambina
5. On A Plane

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