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The Shakers - Oh So Loud

The Shakers – Oh So Loud

Compared to a combination of AC/DC and The Supremes, The Shakers have even supported Steel Panther. If those aren’t stamps of quality nothing is. Their debut album Oh So Loud sounds like an epic but angry summer. Its soulful vibes share space with some great and often heavy guitars.

The opener Hey Lil Darling lures you in with soulful vocals and light guitars before the chorus explodes in.  You’re dragged away from the beach and over to a gig where the only surfers are in the crowd.  This track sets up the band’s sound nicely, showcasing the elements of the band perfectly.   Whether it’s soulful melodies or a heavy guitar riff the band do them equal justice showing their versatility.  When the two worlds meet it sounds even better.

The band sound at their most soulful and relaxed in tracks such as Real Fast Plane.  Its guitars have all the urgency of a drifting cloud.  It drifts across your mind carried by more soulful vocals and the odd piano line.  Tracks like Already Gone snap you out of this in an instant as a driving guitar and bass line lead into a fast and loud tale of getting away and getting free.  The bass guitar is used throughout this album to devastating effect, combined with solid drumming they provide the vocals and guitars with ample room to move.  The vocals are as versatile as the instruments and go from silky smooth to loud and raucous effortlessly.

Sounding like a clue in Dirty Minds the album is (engage M&S advert voice) both hard and soft, and sometimes both.  This makes it the perfect summer soundtrack whether you’re up for chilling at the beach of planning a road trip.  Standout tracks also include the stripped back Tall Lights, the Infectious Transfer and the savage It’s Me.

Get some sun in your life.  Get this album.

David Horn


Oh So Loud
Track Listing
1 - Hey Lil' Darlin'
2 - Oh Daddy
3 - Right Now
4 - Transfer
5 - It's Me
6 - Tail Lights
7 - Bad Thing
8 - Real Fast Plane
9 - Gimme Honey
10 - Already Gone


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