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Cathy Jordan - All The Way Home

Cathy Jordan - All The Way Home

20 years in the industry and Cathy Jordan is still going strong but this time she goes it alone. Well, not exactly alone as guests such as Eddie Reader, Lars Andreas Hueg on tuba to mention a few notable names make contribute to make this a most worthy and accomplished album.  All 11 tracks of Irish folk songs are song with clarity and great spirit. Cathy’s strong confidence carries throughout all the tracks and not to be forgotten, the musical arrangements are succinctly coordinated.

All the Way Home is an Irish folk song through and through. The sweet sounds of traditional instruments with Cathy’s distinct vocals guide the listener in her tale of a wistful loving of home and country. In Eileen McMahon if you close your eyes you can see the story as it unfolds. Visual lyrics, not an easy achievement but this diva does it with style. The story is of a girl who dreams of a ship carrying an exiled lonely young lady called Eileen McMahon who interacts with the storyteller. The music is beautifully interwoven into the story – you could almost imagine yourself sailing on those waters.Eddie Reader enters storyteller’s tale as with the distant voice of the mother.She explains she has travelled from the place that she was brought up - she turns out to be the singer’s mother.  There is not one track in this collection that is not worthy of praise.  The Jordan Jig will have you skipping on your toes. The close of the album comes with The Road I Go. Cathy paints a picture of her home and adds she is positive about leaving home.

The musicians, fiddles ‘n’ all are consistently timed and don’t overcrowd any of the songs in this, Cathy’s debut album (as a lone artist)…each bar has its own spotlight. This vocally skilled artist , conjures up images of her home, her country, life and lives of people from Ireland.
An emerald four-leaf clover of an album.

Lisa Kalloo


All The Way Home
Track List
01 - The Bold Fenian Men
02 - Eileen McMahon (with Eddi Reader)
03 - The Road I Go
04 - The River Field Waltz
05 - In Curraghroe
06 - Sliabh Gallion Breas
07 - The Banks Of The Foyle
08 - The Jordan Jig
09 - Ould Ballymoe
10 - The Lark In The Clear Air
11 - All The Way Home

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