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Ian Prowse (Pele / Amsterdam) releases Does This Train Stop on Mersyside (The very Best of Ian Prowse)

Ian Prowse - Does This Train Stop On Merseyside The Very Best of Ian Prowse

The album’s title is a bit of a giveaway as to its contents.  A compilation for all fans and voyeurs alike. His first glimmers of success were first with Pele and now with Amsterdam. Three new songs are featured on this album which coincides with the veteran’s tour which kicks off this year.  His accent beautifully retains hints of his country of birth and doesn’t meander into some backdoor detour of “Yeeeee haaaaaa” of which a few of the up and coming bands these days tend to imitate  - brilliant in essence considering some do compare this star to the likes of The Boss!

The album kickstarts with Does this train stop On Merseyside? Apparently John Peel used to become choked with emotion playing this song.  This is an anthem to Merseyside what more is there to say really?  If you weren’t here 20 years ago listening to him then listen now and hear and feel the social punches he packs in this song.  The history in his words…Genius!  Love Phenomenon pumps out a timeless big big HUGE tune  so ingeniously written and delivered with a chorus that burns into your memory. This song has me absolutely hooked, simply impossible to get out of my head.  Home Celtic folky intro with a splash of Lennon for good measure to this beautiful ballad to all those who were left to their drinking. The chorus is delightfully infectious.  Arm in Arm continues  the momentum of froth despite the protagonist explaining what he witnessed - an unfaithful partner being seen out frolicking with someone else.    Maybe Thee is a God After all Such an upbeat folk rock song.  He sings about the glee of fatherhood–fiddles are lively and perfectly acquainted with this Ian’s voice.

A poet, a singer, a satirist sooo not different in genre to Springsteen or Paul Weller. Ian Prowse deserves so much more credit than he has received over his twenty years as a performer.

Lisa Kalloo

Does This Train Stop On Merseyside The Very Best of Ian Prowse
Track list
1. Does This Train Stop On Merseyside
2. Fair Blows the Wind for France
3. Home
4. Fireworks
5. Takin' On the World
6. Raid the Palace
7. Love Phenomenon
8. Fat Black Heart
9. Don't Throw Your Love Away
10. Megalomania
11. Nothing's Goin' Right
12. Don't Worship Me
13. Policemen
14. Joe's Kiss
15. Arm in Arm
16. Maybe There Is a God After All
17. Rise Like a Lion
18. Here I Am

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