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New Town Kings - Mojo

Ska for the 21st Century! This band play tightly and produce such a solid sound. They write songs that are sardonic, playful and melodic. They are every bit as noteworthy as the Specials or Madness.

Every track is as good as the next though String-A-Long has to be my fave tune.  It is witty little reggae ditty about a gold digger and could easily be a pub anthem!


Lisa Kalloo


Track list
1 - Games That People Play
2 - Stop
3 - News Stand
4 - Dynamite
5 - Hollow Head
6 - Round & Round
7 - String-A-Long
8 - New Town Hop
9 - Star Of The Show
10 - Steal For His Bread
11 - Brighter Days


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