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The Albion Band – The Vice of The People

The Albion Band – The Vice of The People

Described as the jury service of the folk world The Albion Band have returned with group of volunteers. The Vice of the People is the latest release this folk institution.
This is an album of folk at it’s purest. So much so you nearly expect (and hope slightly) that the disc is made of straw. Introducing this incarnation of the folk collective is an accapella opening. Sounding quintessentially folk it shows the genres past and it’s continued relevance. This is echoed throughout as the band talk about modern life, authority and war. This makes them more punk than some punk bands. Thieves Song warns about bankers and authority today, ‘you dote on thieves and you vote for thieves, and still their games to play’.

In-between the social commentary however there’s still space for a cheeky dance two instrumentals possessing your feet and transporting your mind. The album is a triumph of sounds, all evoking emotion and feeling. Set Their Mouths to Twisting showcases this, creating a big and engrossing feel. Adding to this are four different vocals appearing together to give the music a sense of unity and power. This also makes the band a sound engineers nightmare but it sounds great so it’s all good really.

Standout tracks include Roll Over Vaughan Williams, with an urgent driving sound taking on the subject of modern living. The guitar work and breakdowns show the calibre of the musicians instantly. Coalville showcases the vocals of Katriona Gilmore and shows folk music in its classic story telling guise. One More Day the track highlights the standard of playing on the album with a special nod towards drumming on the album. Creative and inspired playing, complemented by inventive vocals sneak down your ears and press all the right buttons.

This album is folk at it’s most undiluted. The songs have a point to prove and are timeless in their sentiment. They could have been made by The Albion Bands first recruits or yesterday. Depending on your outlook this is a strength or a weakness, but the album deserves the chance for you to decide.


David Horn


The Vice of The People
Track list
1 - Intro: A Quarter Hour Of Fame
2 - Roll Over Vaughan Williams
3 - Coalville
4 - The 2 X 2 Set
5 - Theives Song
6 - How Many Miles To Babylon?
7 - Set Their Mouths To Twisting
8 - Faces
9 - The Skirmish Set
10 - Adieu To Old England
11 - One More Day
12 - Wake A Little Wiser

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