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Pinkunoizu debut album

Pinkunoizu - Free Time

Poetry put to intelligent music. The lead singer doesn’t display incredible vocals but he does have a colourful, long drawl that I could happily listen to for as long as I know there is a melody coming. . . Now, here’s the thing, a lot of these tracks contain melody. You’ll see what I mean when you listen to the album especially in tracks such as Time is Like a Melody - a clockwork melody that works well with the warm bass.

The play on the titles of all the songs with the vocals, chorus, melody, drama is almost in the Phillip Glass league for repetition.

Now where did I hear vocals like this before? It’s a male version of Mazzy Starr! Especially in Myriad Pyramid.

Death is not a Lover is folky tinged, baroscopic bit of poetry methinks. . . Play it loud and make sure those speakers/headphones are well spec’d. . . ‘tis well worth it my friend! There is so much going on in terms of sounds, which I have to say, is beautifully produced.

The flow of the whole song progresses and shapes into its own beast and that’s the menu for the whole album.

The spirit of Velvet Underground lurks behind some of their work but Pinkunoizu do retain their integrity and mix their own cocktail of magic.

Enter a track which betrays influences from The Doors - Everything is Broken or Stolen. There is a blatant imitation which storms in the form of an organ but then swizzles and swirls into a reflective explanation to the relevance of the song’s title thus enabling the vibes to rev into a third gear drama, drop back down to a familiar first gear… and then spin. Sounds intelligent eh? This isn’t my fave track cos that honour is coming up next. . .

Parabolic Delusion has everything that a song for this era should possess.

The amount of musical expression that embodies the lyrics to create a credible vibe is utterly inspiring.

The outcome is like listening to a wholly introspective universe. Ooh, and yes I’ve been blasting this tune out like someone who’s been let out for ‘good behaviour’.

Somber Ground
Is this a pointless filler that just drones on forever or what? It sparks a flicker of interest when the cool female vocals appear, seemingly mid-track. It grooves into a Jesus and Mary Chain-like pastiche three quarters of the way through and then filters off into an anticlimax. But hey! That’s poetry for you, who knows where and when you’re gonna climax. . . or not? Oh, by the way I’m solely referring to the band’s artistry here and nothing lewd so mind out of the gutter please!

One thing I would not allege of this band is experimentation. They’ve played their instruments and sung, practiced and messed about to the extent that these guys – and gal – have a clear vision of what they want to flaunt and they do it with a cherry on top!

Only get this album if you’ve got a passion for music that is not the norm.

Lisa Kalloo

Free Time
Track list
01 - Time Is Like A Melody
02 - Myriad Pyramid
03 - Cyborg Manifesto
04 - Everything Is Broken Or Stolen
05 - Parabolic Delusions
06 - The Abyss
07 - Death Is Not A Lover
08 - Somber Ground

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