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Rendezvous: Another Round Please

Rendezvous: Another Round Please

This is pure, unadulterated electronic music. It bridges the gap of youth and embraces a lighter global appeal. It’s soooo easy to listen to this album without falling off your chair with a piggy snort.

C Sharp has an electronic ambience with a Jarre-like spin and a fat synthy bass. Very sharp indeed !!!

Now, do you remember playing those old Sega racing games with the cool hypnotic music playing in the background? Well, that’s the flavour you get from Egypt here but with a beefier bass line. This is such a spacey track with comfort food for the ears. It doesn’t stop there as the Prisoner No.251 is as catchy as the Mission Impossible theme tune itself. A rhythmic trance and a real head nodder. And yup you’ve guessed it, it’s got a killer bass line!

Blues in Space has a mellow, sassy blues synth feel without overkill. Lurvely!

The ultimate tune for me comes in the form of Adagio for Tiesto with a dash of classical rock and retro synthesizers thrown in for good measure hmm pure bliss.

There is no earth shattering revelation in this music but what you do get is a one million percent quality album. This is definitely destined for my library!

Lisa Kalloo

Another Round Please
Track list
01 - C Sharp
02 - Egypt
03 - Prisoner No 251
04 - The Murf
05 - Blues In Space
06 - Adagio for Tiesto
07 - Hands Up
08 - End of the World


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