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Paul Heaton The 8th

Paul Heaton - The 8th

Paul Heaton was one of the main members of The Beautiful South and The Housemartins. Jacqui Abbott (also sang in The Beautiful South) features on this album and it is the first time that she has sung with The Beautiful South since 2000.

The album is based on the 7 deadly sins.

It’s one song that’s been written into 8 chapters.

Each sin has a different segment to the song. The 8th is a reference to a new sin.

It was originally performed a year ago and commissioned by the Manchester International Festival.

If you like twists, variety and theatre you won’t be disappointed. The 8th could be a soundtrack for Kill Bill or another film that is equally mind blowing!

Paul takes elements from the theatre and drum n bass and crafts them into his own art form.

It’s this creativity that takes us on an incredible journey.

The 8th has got melody.  It’s got counter melodies. Singing. Theatrical narration. Big, fat synthy basslines…

Brilliantly produced.

The samples are spot on.

If The 8th was a picture, I’d frame it. Probably.

You won’t get disgruntled playing this in or out of the car.

If you disagree with me then tell me. I am, however, invariably right.

You can thank me later.

Lisa Kalloo

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