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A Banquet

A Banquett - Breath

This Czech Republic band formed in 2009 having been in other bands before this set up.

The first half of this album was recorded in Chicago with Steve Albini (Nirvana, Pixies fame). The second half was recorded in Prague.
They were named as best band 2010 by

Now for the guts…

Think Aha for synth then quickly dismiss that stilton. Then think The Cars minus the happy go lucky melodies. Now sombre. Yes think sombre. Kind of…

It was only on a second whirl to this album that  I really took to liking their brash loan of the 80s scene. Mathieu sings lead, plays guitars and deals with the lyrics with great ease. Or so it would seem. Of course he has the support from the rest of the band who work in an almost cabalistic manner to ensure Mathieu’s every note is beautifully optimised.


On a revisited visit to Breath their darker Goth side protracted itself in the heavier bass lines and grungy guitars that hide, form and then punch you in the head!


This guy grizzles and oozes a weird but honest sex appeal throughout the album. But then again that does depend on if you like a good growl. I know I do!

Flaunting synthy strokes reminiscent of Jean Michel Jarre combined with the sexy nasal sound of Brian Molko-like singer (Placebo) immaculately form to produce that 80s spirit.

Vocals? Well the band kick start their music with a trail that guides you on a vague and apprehensive journey.

Vague? Hmm, well it’s not that vague but here’s the thing. Every track is its own polymorphic beast.  So there!

I love the way these guys max their guitars bordering the metal frontier with a teasing embrace that comes out in their choruses.
Worthy standalone song manifests itself in Fledging. A mature acoustic little number that could give them a smashing entry into the mainstream. 

I really  thought I’d slate this album on my first listen but it’s impossible not  to praise these guys.  Can’t wait for my invite to a British gig…

Lisa Kalloo

Track list
1 - Carved Out
2 - Cinnamon Skies
3 - Far Away
4 - The Dust We Are
5 - Blue Feelings
6 - Fledgling
7 - Touch The Unsaid
8 - I Am The Ninth Wave
9 - Glass Clouds
10 - Lights & Memories
11 - Climb The HIll

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