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Late Night Fiction

Late Night Fiction – Polar EP

Hull’s four-piece boy band, Late Night Fiction will radicalise the playground for metal.  Seriously!

They play heavy AND light grungy indie metal. Their songs go from fast to slow, slow to fast, changing pace in places you just can’t second-guess.  They’re like a quadruple espresso! And then some…

Black Witch has some charming lines such as “All my friends want your friends dead’ complimented with stunning vocal harmonies and a heavy bass to smack you into Meerkat mode.

There are screams in a Kurt Cobain type frenzy and in the same breath vocals that reach high pitched, squeeze yer b*ll sounds that disarm and shake up your familiar listening mode.

Glimmers of Nirvana’s Bleach I thought… How premature of me!
I smiled internally.
Threw my head back in the air and relaxed because this is as different as different gets… Heavy. Light. The timing is perfectly cued and engineered.

Exits, Persuaded by a Bear - Even funkier vocals hit you where you don’t expect such interjections. Did I detect the tiniest tribute to the Chillies here? Possibly. But only possibly.
First person to agree with me gets an even bigger smile from me…

There are so many turns and twists to this E.P with sheer excellence on the part of all four guys I reckon they must be totally awesome live and I expect big things from them. Probably on the scale of Nirvana if they can maintain the level of excellence and raw energy.
They have rhythm in an alternative rock kind of way. They have a style that would be difficult to mimic.  Qualities that make a band stand out from the crowd.

There’s no two ways about it. They are grunge metal ambrosia.

Lisa Kalloo

Track list
1 - Black Watch
2 - Exits, Pursued by a bear
3 - Smashy "Smashy Beast" Beast
4 - Dialectics
5 - Relax Please

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