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The Given Motion

The Given Motion - Human Dictionary

Woohoo! You don’t have to dig deep to enjoy any tune on this album. From start to finish it is clearly an accomplished singing, writing and musicianship that just works.

The Given Motion are an indy pop metal four piece boy band who comfortably share their talent, writing, their music and the singing.
Quality harmonies with glimpses of Smashing Pumpkins in Sing To Me which is always a good sign for an up and coming band from Long Island. Find Me has an all round appeal with its gutsy lyrical style and profound petition.

Not one song on this album is weak, but to choose a fave out of the lot, hmmmm Watching You Drown. It’s a passive underperformed drama in a musical form.

This is a snug as a bug band with a lot of tastes and flavours.

There are loud echoes of The Script  with infusions of Smashing Pumpkins.

The guitarist is superb and the lead singer CJ Schiatter leads well.    

A flawlessly produced album, which will sit comfortably on my middle shelf.

Lisa Kalloo

Human Dictionary
Track list
1 - Sing to Me
2 - Don't Blink (There was a Time)
3 - Human Dictionary
4 - The Feeling
5 - Find Me
6 - Watching You Drown
7 - One Jumps In

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