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The Fierce and the Dead - If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecombe

Put the kettle on, get comfy and don the chunkiest pair of headphones you have.  Got all that ready?  Good, because The Fierce and the Dead have something that requires your full attention.  'If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecombe' is an album full of soundscapes and sentiment.  Jump in and let it carry you away for a while.

A cloud of sonic chaos confronts your ears as this record whirrs into life, through the swirls and noises however a solitary bass line breaks through.  Pretty quickly it’s joined by drums and guitars, transforming the chaos into something beautiful with positivity seeping out at the seams.  Add in a drum breakdown and you have the opening track Flint.  From the first second this track shows the bands’ skill at creating musical worlds for you to explore.  Believing in loose compositions with a refreshing dose of improvisation the band don’t use any vocals, letting the music speak for itself.  These factors combine to give the music a sense of freedom, exercising their skill as a band to talk to you without words. 

Making this possible is the standard of playing across the album.  From the bass lines that give many of the bands’ worlds a floor to build on to the intelligent guitars, synths and drums that work on them the experience and talent of the band is clear.  This quality allows The Fierce and the Dead to imbue their music with emotion and personality.  Positivity, sadness and reflection – you’ll feel these and more as the music cascades around your mind.  The emotive power of the band is shown in tracks such as The Wait.  The reflective and thoughtful delivery of this musical universe engulfs your mind.  Tracks such as Part 2 showcase the guitar playing, it’s not rocking 12 different loop peddles with a million sounds but champions clarity and simplicity.  In this way it achieves more than 10 guitars ever could in the context of this music.  The bass is used in this album to devastating effect. A dominant component of many of the tracks, it shows the power of the bass guitar in Land Crab.  Aggressive and essential, the bass line carries the guitar throughout.  Drumming completes the key sounds, highly adaptive it complements the music perfectly with the odd flourish such as moments in Flint and Daddies Little Helper.

This album shows more than most do however that it’s not the individual moments of instruments that matter, it’s the effect they have when they combine.  No matter how loose the compositions may be, they achieve more than many lyrics.  Including massive variety.  From the angry punk vibes of Land Crab to the jazz styles (complete with saxophone) of Daddies Little Helper, even the sombre and wandering ballad Andy Fox, it’s clear The Fierce and the Dead aren’t afraid to explore sounds.  Stand-out tracks in an album such as this are hard to choose.  However 10x10, with its powerful bass line, creative guitars and genius synth line show the band in yet another new light.  Hotel No. 6 with its ethereal vibes shows the bands ability to create with few sounds as well as many.  This track floats through your mind like mist, taking you to an altogether more peaceful place.

This album is incredibly diverse and creative.  The lack of lyrics improve the ability of the music to move and transport you.  Available on the bands’ Band Camp page for ‘name your price’ you can even get it for free.  You can get a lot of things for free in the world but this is one of the best things you’ll come across.  Of course if you’re feeling generous you can give them some pennies for it to.  Listen to this album, it’s an experience built on musical skill and inventiveness.

David Horn

If It Carries On Like This We Are Moving To Morecombe
Track list
1 - Flint
2 - Part 2
3 - The Wait
4 - H.R.
5 - Hotel No 6
6 - Landcrab
7 - Daddies Little Helper
8 - Woodchip
9 - 10x10
10 - Andy Fox

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