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Underwater Tiger

Underwater Tiger - Where Miles Become Meaning

The band comprises of two sets of two brothers and one other talented chappy.

Matt and Nate do much of the singing but the other members all chip in.

They are from New York and they like their light metal rock.

Hmm. New York makes me think of burgers and fries. This music reminds my of burgers and fries.
Have I missed the punch line? Or was I born too early?

Treading Days is the heaviest metal track they play on this album. As competent singers, musicians and team they certainly prove themselves.

Their songs tell a tale of woes, experience and inexperience.

A good effort.

Yes, but there’s a but…
It’s a greasy burger and fries of an album that I don’t particularly want to eat but I’m hungry and so I take a bite.


Sorry guys.

There are stacks of bands and artists out there in this big wide world vying for the attention of young teenage girl fans. To say that Underwater Tiger are a cut above the rest would be a complete lie.

There’s nothing that hasn’t been done or sung about before and that can be a comfortable thought to some. Not applicable to this album though.
There are moments where I think they are akin to Blink 182 without much of the catchiness that is otherwise known as melody.

It might simply be a case of Underwater Tiger still finding themselves.

Lisa Kalloo

Where Miles Become Meaning
Track list
1 -Where Miles Become Meaning
2 - Bones
3 - Oh So Surreal
4 - The In-Between
5 - Just Go
6 - Shipwreck Love
7 - Dioscuri
8 - Treading Days
9 - Rocky Loves Emily
10 - One November Night
11 - The Summer Came

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