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Kelly Erez, debut album 'Come To Me'

Kelly Erez - Come To Me

These tunes got me jigging around the room like a teenager.

These are big big tunes!

Kelly Erez brings honeyed tones to this pleasing album. All the usual suspects for soul songs are sung here. With such a flawless production and exquisite vocals from our own Eastender, this young lady will probably make a worthy mobo contender if not winner. I hope winner.

If you like TLC, early Jenny and hints of sophistication then this album is for you. It’s a mature, soulful song with decent lyrics for a change from a super British girl. Leep up the great work Kelly!

Lisa Kalloo

Come To Me
Track list
1 - Letters
2 - Hand On Heart
3 - Come To Me
4 - Xtra
5 - I Don't Mind
6 - Better Everyday
7 - Not The Girl
8 - We Got It All
9 - Sometimes
10 - Sunshine
11 - Trust In Me (Bonus Track)

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