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Tracey Browne

Tracey Browne - Everyone is Ordinary

What a stonker of an album. It might have breathed life last year but it is every bit as fresh as the day it was born.

Tracy is from Cambridge but moved to Manchester to pursue her interests. What are her interests you may ask? She is an all round musician, singer songwriter and has experience as a recording engineer. Just when you think that means she's a walking banjo singing player let me just qualify her status with an upgrade: unadulterated talent.

She has a number of collaborations with other beings and when you listen to these tracks you'll wonder where she has the energy to perform with others when her own schedule is heaving.

If I dissected her voice it would have a Butterfly Boucher, Indigo Girls and Eva Cassidy form which is as delightful as her colourful and hearty lyrics. Are there no limits to this girl's ability I ask myself?
Not one jot that I can detect and I so like to have a rant.

Acoustically challenged Tracy is not and her songs aren't of the ethereal b*llsh*t that make a one hit wonder remain a one hit wonder. I should imagine her following might include the Missy Higgins' s die hards as this is the sort of crowd I can imagine her pulling along with her loyal bikers and now me.

If anyone has seen Tracy perform then please add your thoughts here because from an album listening perspective she is brill.

I shall look forward to more of her quirky yet feisty talent in the future.

Lisa Kalloo

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