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Stuart O'Conner

Stuart O'Conner - Go Forth Bright Scenic

Mixed up experimental samples, chopped beats n rhythms and then throw in  an erm... interesting medium-weight vocal, his of course and then what are you left with?

You'll find that that Stuart's album wrestles with an acoustic folk-ridden vibe with some delightful jazzy twists. The culmination makes for a little shake up of what we call progressive rock.

To say his style is unique would be to lie. To say that he is not mainstream would be closer to accepting a style that is outside the box, much like Miles Davis,  Zappa, Floyd or Guru.

Not an album for everyone's collection. Not an album that would get to number one anywhere. It does however have killer tracks such as 'Resonate' and 'Squeaky Doors' that I bet would go down a treat on the fringe film circuit. Now, that to me, is a style that is well worth 44 minutes of your time.

Lisa Kalloo

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