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Mike Tyler debut UK single Stuttering Song II

Mike Tyler is a celebrated non-academic, post-beat poet and musician in the American tradition. His new single Stuttering Song II is the first to be released in the UK. The track, taken from his forthcoming sophomore album Erection (out August 20th) instantly portrays his inimitably quirky magnetism. Repetitive catchy chords provide the backdrop for his poetically devised (naturally) and hilariously undemanding lyrics. The single also features a B-Side called, well, B-Side. Arranged with drifting acoustic guitar, softly thudded drums and handclaps it’s very much melodiously devised, demonstrating that his poetic skill is equally matched by his musicianship.

All of Mike’s tracks are produced by BL’EVE – an artist more accustomed to the urban scene with a scope of production ranging from artists like Wyclef Jean to Maino. It was their different backgrounds and different musical tastes, but incredible feeling of shared understanding that makes their collaboration pretty exciting. 

Mike came from the New York City tradition of Lou Reed, mentored in a bar by the American poet Delmore Schwartz (who wanted poets to be as famous as baseball players), Patti Smith (a poet first) and Tom Verlaine of Television.

Stand out moments of Mike Tyler’s career were catalysed by his way with words. Banksy stencilled his words “only the ridiculous survive” outside of London’s Paddington Station, while Beck fell under his charismatic spell while honing his song writing craft. He became known as The Most Dangerous Poet in America after breaking his arm during a reading, and his poem “The Most Beautiful Word in the American Language” is on people’s Facebook walls, MySpace pages, and blogs, not to mention fridge doors.

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