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Mr VonTone 'Demo' EP review

Track listing
1. Waterfall
2. Monsters
3. A Warm Welcome To Progress
4. Lavender

The genus of "rock" is a hard thing to crack. There are too many subcategories to list and most bands don’t even know where to place their music. I can say without a doubt that Mr. VonTone is purely and simply ROCK. Slightly alternative, a touch of metal, and a dollop of electronica make their sound nearly perfect.

Without question the best song on this album is "WarmWelcomeToProgress" It has got a KILLER bass line and the drums complement it so perfectly that it is something very rare : perfectly seamless. And then, this song is elevated even further by absolutely amazing vocals. I have nothing but praise for this song.

The same can be said for the three others. This album truly is a piece of magnificence.

This "demo" or "EP" offers a quick glimpse into the talent of Mr. VonTone. The vocals are attention grabbing; I could definitely see this band among the big rock band names of today. Listeners are left wishing they could hear this band in a concert somewhere because you can feel the energy they emit. I really like this band, but I’m a little disappointed I can’t experience more of their music. Hopefully we’ll get another taste of Mr. VonTone soon.

∞Ashley L. Pieciak∞

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