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Vittorio Tolomeo - Prize Day

Vittorio Tolomeo - Prize Day

Track Listing
1. Migrant Soul
2. Rain Way
3. City Ground
4. Love Insane
5. Passenger
6. Soul Music
7. Old Jammed Radio
8. New Star To Start Again
9. Crawling Art
10. Sauve Moi Mon Amour
11. You Don’t Stop

The first thing that struck me when playing this album for the first time was just how glorious the production is. Every instrument shines in it’s own limelight whilst combining to make a sound that is quite wonderful. The vocals put me in mind of Ricky Wilson from The Kaiser Chiefs, and the bands own description of the music as new wave meeting funk and soul is pretty appropriate, but really is an understatement in many ways, as the feel of these tracks does actually take in a lot of other influences and feels from rock, folk and psych as well as those aforementioned genre’s, and aside from the Kaiser Chief’s, I can also hear elements of Led Zeppelin, The Cult, The Beatles, U2 and Doors in there. It is a  wnning combination for me, and in fact one of the most exciting and enjoyable albums I’ve heard so far this year.

The Passenger, Crawling Art and Love Insane are tracks to look out for particularly.

And special mention must go to the bass playing on this album, with bass being my main instrument it is always rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable to hear a great sounding and well played imaginative bass line, and this whole album has some of the finest bass I’ve heard in many a year – just check out the intro of ‘Crawling Art’

There is a very distinctive sound here that deserves to be heard. Give it a listen!

Steven C. Wilson

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