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Sam de la Haye debut album

Sam de la Haye - England

I haven’t been so excited about a female singer since…well erm…I can’t even remember!

The album has sprinklings of Joni Mitchell, Judith Owen, Tori and Lilly Allen, but let me tell you Sam’s voice is not an imitation of any of them…Each song from this album unfolds to tell an enchanting story of sorts. Piano driven, intelligent lyrics and strikingly sung. This lady is talented .  If you haven’t already got this album go out and buy it.  It’s well worth it.  It’s as precious to my own collection as my Kirsty McColl’s ‘Days’ and Bjork’s Debut, Tori’s Little Earthquakes.

I almost lost myself in my own rant there. We are tapping our feet to Itsy Bitsy. What a bright, brassy swinging jingle taking us back to the jitterbugging forties Sam pulls this off without a hint of pantomime.   Quirky lyrics about a heartbroken womanizer.  Energetic, playful and big brass.  Different in style to the rest of the album but a refreshing delight.  Straight from jangle to England where this accomplished singer plunges us into a catchy piano riff drama of a song a definitive Tori presence.  Sam’s voice lingers in your mind and moves slightly away from our Tori to more of a Joni girth in For You complimented with a charming melody.  Innocence has so many dimensions to it, you don’t know which way Sam’s voice is going to move from word to word just as the music does, teasing you into a very cute melody when you least expect it. Love it love it love it.  Sam demonstrates her kaleidoscopic vocal equivalence extending its capacity to no limits we ask ourselves? So stormy is The Affair with its strings, piano base and there’s of course her voice. This track amply exemplifies that this lady has a long career here.  Her voice is timeless, elegant and swirls with like the wind.  It’s moody and turbulent with a dramatic cello which makes this a truly outstanding piece.  It is impossible to be dismissive of the talent here especially when she sings The Mannequin eloquently, playfully and with complete confidence. And what a fun little ditty it is taking us on a merry-go-round as it splashes fun and frivolity around our ears though listen carefully for the lyrics are far from shallow.

Be warned, Sam crosses so many borders to deliver an album that some may well sum up as intelligent folk pop.

Lisa Kalloo

Sam de la Haye - England
Track List
1 - The Mannequin
2 - Lemon Boy
3 - For You
4 - Itsy Bitsy
5 - The Affair
6 - England
7 - Horseback
8 - Moon
9 - Innocence
10 - No Trouble

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