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Stillman - Eton Mess EP

Stillman - Eton Mess EP

Kindda hippy, kindda purple haze - enter Eton Mess.

This is folky progressive rock teaser which oozes a confidence that certainly deserves attention.

No doubt about it this guy can sing.  He is as expressive as Thom Yorke (Radiohead)…and guitar riffs that certainly keeps your ears pricked up.
The guitarist has a cheeky cowboy slide of wrist and a clear appreciation of Santana, Young and Page.  The bassist is funk happy.

This teaser EP is well produced with a fine balance of vocals and harmonies delicately interwoven with competent musicians and graced with a politically inspired singer/songwriter!  Grit & Blood will grip you with that lively raw London earthiness.

Stillman is talented so I won’t dwell on this point, it is however now left to you to judge for yourself whether this is musical tosh or amicable nosh for the ears…

Lisa Kalloo

Eton Mess EP
Track list
1 - Eton Mess
2 - Soon Enough
3 - Grit & Blood
4 - The Rats Tale

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