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My Brothers Banned

My Brothers Banned - Five

This is the band’s fifth album in six years. The plan had originally been a five-year plan for five albums.

The songs are all very retro and West Coast.

Scott Mackenzie meets The Byrds.

Gentle strumming guitars. Mellow, mellow, mellow.

This band would not have been out of place gigging with the likes of the Mamas and Papas. It’s this ‘retro respect’ that gives My Brothers Banned an edge over the mediocre top tens that we’re spoon-fed nowadays.

Easy listening, background or smoking a peace pipe with friends type music.

Repetition and strong melodies are key components in these songs. Tell Me, shows that simplicity of wordsin songs combined with lashings of harmony makes for a great sing-along.

If you listen closely to the lyrics you will see that they are totally satirical, for example ‘Do you snack because you haven’t got a job?’ (Here We Go).

Do check out Five. It’s a musical piece with some fantabulous instruments and a pleasant way to end an album.

You could have your grandparents ‘round too as they’d enjoy it, I’m sure.

All in all, an extremely well produced album and I look forward to more from these guys.

Lisa Kalloo


Track list
1 - Wind Is Blowing Again
2 - Here we go
3 - Tell Me
4 - Road to the City
5 - Peace Inside
6 - Friends of Mine
7 - Counting All the Little Marks
8 - I Can't Wait to See You
9 - Leave You Behind
10 - How Long
11 - Five

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