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Graeme Clark debut solo album

Graeme Clark - Mr Understanding

In his own right, Graeme Clark has a unique energy. Different perhaps to his glory days with Wet Wet Wet.
It’s easy to see that he was the master lyricist of an awesome stack of the Wet’s songs.

Remember also that he was their bass player and with one of the most successful bands in the late 80s and 90s.
This album sees Graeme delivering his own style and it is cool particularly since he does not encroach on his past styles and influences but draws from other places.

Bullet Proof has a rounded Graeme’s voice that you can’t help thinking ooh Steve Earle‘s bro’ must be singing here. The accompanying music only helps to trick you into such a falsehood but the fact is Graeme really does have a warmer voice.

In Another World kisses and rubs notes with the likes of Sting. Its tempo and lounge-worthiness is much like Mad About You.  Yup! The atmosphere created is so definitely in a Sting vein.
There are two versions of this song on here and both versions are beautifully expressed.

Graeme’s comfortable, easy style can be felt in All I Want is You.  This seasoned man is clearly a singer songwriter of substantial accolade and as a solo artist he does come into a new and interesting kingdom. Hints of that classic song The Day Before You Came creep up and strikes you in the opening line. But that’s where the similarity ends. Both versions are worthy efforts.

Lost At Sea is very Billy Joel.
Then I listened to the second verse and thought, “Wowzer”, this is very much like Bob Seger’s ,‘We’ve Got Tonight’.

To accuse Graeme of only a few influences is just not true. He has discerning tastes that he has used to produce a priceless album.
I’d go so far as to say that it’s an album for grown ups.

Lisa Kalloo

Mr Understanding
Track list
1 - Hurricane
2 - I See You Everywhere
3 - Bulletproof
4 - Cost of Loving
5 - Me & the Devil Inside
6 - Kiss of Life
7 - All I Want Is You
8 - When I'm Away from You
9 - In Another World
10 - Lost At Sea
11 - All I Want Is You (Acoustic Version)
12 - In Another World (G Mitchell Version)

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