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Cinemawave - Can You Hear the Silence

This four-piece boy band, formerly known as Projekt, have been together 3 years. With a knockout producer in Paul Tipler – producer (Charlatans and Elastica) you know there are going to be some good toons in here.

Imagine my disappointment.

Yes. The album has a wide commercial appeal and… yes there are some strong guitar based sounds and kinky uses of pedals. But I could only get hot and bothered over a few songs.

‘Expectations lead to disappointment’, someone once told me.

I read other reviews and with such a build up I had expected a masterpiece of an album.


Yes I loved The Stone Roses too and yes you do hear this huge influence surfacing in the guitars.
Listen out for “Ocean Passage’ which is was a free download to test the market and a roaring success in the unsigned artists’ charts. Not my favourite track at all. But a huge hit nonetheless.

Desert Storm doesn’t push the boundaries far enough for me. It’s good. But it’s like a tribute to The Stone Roses and I think they can do better. Not taking anything from the merits of the song, the musicians or singer at all. There is nothing wrong at all there. But with so much talent evident I wouldn’t want to simply hear echoes of their heroes here. I guess I’ll have to wait for them to produce the next album for something more meaty.

Out of all the tracks on this album, Projektmusic with its simple construction has a seasoned indie taste that does it for me.

It revels in the glory of fun itself. Changing pace and teasing the listener to get a feel for a more fun experimental way to music. It has a bit of a Rage Against The Machine anthem going on which makes this a classic of a classic.

Goodnight, Goodbye & So Long simply love this song too.

For a band that have played a hundred gigs and clearly enjoy their ensemble I had really hoped for much more. I set my expectations too high but it’s blatantly clear that their best is yet to come. And I will be waiting for that moment...

Lisa Kalloo

Can You Hear the Silence
Track list
1. Rocket Science
2. Desert Storm
3. Monsoon Love
4. The Future
5. (Introducing) Captain Automatic
6. Miracle Machine
7. (You Left Your Dreams in) San Jose
8. Ocean Passage
9. Give Me Your Medicine
10. The Compass
11. Projektmusic
12. Goodnight, Goodbye & So Long

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