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Rodina and the Wolf

Rodina - Rodina and the Wolf

Rodina and the Wolf are a Leeds based trio comprising of a DJ producer Christian Wolstenholme, singer Aoife Hearty and a keyboard player Joe Tatton.

Similar to bands such as Black Box Recorder, Portishead, Massive Attack and the likes, in the way that it’s a digital experimental collaboration of talent.

Very, very listenable.

They say variety is the spice of life and that is very much the case with this album. There is consistency here as well as a critical detour from the mainstream content of a three-minute pop song. Despite its departure from the mainstream it is melodic, simple lyrically and digitally ice cool.

Relax. Pour yourself a chilled glass of Chablis. Sit back and enjoy the sounds of musical wizardry.

Silver Mine’has a two-minute musical floor space before the graceful Aoife Hearty spirals into ‘vocality’. Is that her real name? Sounds like a cool stage name at any rate. Interesting tune as its unusual structure and melodic drift makes it a standalone piece. Affording space for all the music without the binding constraints of a typical pop tune and then derails into a Spanish guitar riff of fun.

Jealousy in a relationship has a theme that runs through the body of ‘All Because’.

Rebel’has to be my favourite track of the pack as it is reminiscent of that old band from the cusp of the 80s/90s Soho. You can hear it in Hearty’s vocals. The other major plus is the really sheepy (as opposed to ‘beefy’) bassline with an almost trippy beat! ‘Love Your Way’ comes a close second with its jazz vibes that breeze in much later than one would expect making it a real treat.

Simple lyrics, layers of digital weirdness and what do you get? A feeling of air and space with a sub bass and beat.

The whole album waves a hypnotic wand over its listeners. Repetition. Samples. Clever breaks. Endearing vocal echoes and effects. Unexpected instrumentals and temporal riffs overlapping constant riffs and rhythms all making it a worthy Kraftwerk/Beloved crossover of music into mainstream. It would take just one single to push this collaboration into a whole new network of work, and to be fair, any one of these tracks could aid in that transition.

To enjoy this album to its full potential you have to give it the deserved audio time it demands and listen to the entire album in one go. This album is like taking antibiotics and not taking any booze during the course – you know it’ll make you feel better!

Lisa Kalloo

Rodina and the Wolf
Track list
1 - Silvermine
2 - Back Down
3 - What Are You Trying To Do?
4 - City Roses
5 - All Because of You
6 - Love Like This
7 - Hypnotise
8 - Rebel
9 - Lose Your Way
10 - Dust
11 - New Road
12 - There You'll Be

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